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STEAM Education Summer Camp at the CYC

About STEAM Education Summer Camp @ The CYC

The CYC STEAM program (S.T.E.M. + Arts) allows children to build a mini replica of the world’s first Solar-Powered electric car, called STELLA. In doing so, students learn about solar energy science, technology, engineering, design, form, and function.

Build story-based projects that inspire learning

What if...the sun powered cars?
STEAM (STEM + Arts) Project
Based on the true story of making STELLA, the world’s first solar-electric car
Students imagine then build their own mini STELLA 
The STEAM Team

This STEAM workshop is brought to the CYC by Fused Learning and it taught by Richard Tavener, Founder & CEO Fused Learning. Richard designs and produces educational content focused on the art of STEM through constructivist learning for young learners.

Richard is an Emmy®-award winning documentary filmmaker and Co-founder of Imagine It™, multimedia curriculum for teachers to integrate the process of creative and critical thinking in the classroom. Richard assembled a network of STEAM (STEM + Arts) education thought leaders including Blue Man Group, Pixar Animation Studios, MIT, Smithsonian, X-PRIZE Foundation, Lincoln Center Institute, Sally Ride Science, The National Academy of Engineering and Stanford University, among others. Richard’s experience includes developing public education content for the “My Virtual Dream,” an immersive learning experience that links neuroscience with creativity.

Students Learn:
❧ Solar Science & Energy
❧ Technology & Motor Engineering
❧ Design, Form & Function
❧ How ideas come to life
Students Get:
❧ ​Toolbox, Tools & Supplies
❧ Solar Car Kit, Motor, Solar Panel & Parts
❧ STEAM Curriculum & Trained Teachers
❧ ​Learning that inspires action


Spring 2017 Camp: 12:30pm-2:30pm, April 10-13, 2016
Location: The CYC Game Room (downstairs)
For ages 8-12
Fees: $150 per child

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call the CYC at 831.624.3285

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