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The Carmel Youth Center is committed to providing enrichment programs to benefit the youth of Carmel and beyond.
STEAM Education Summer Camp at the CYC

About STEAM Education Summer Camp @ The CYC

The CYC STEAM program (S.T.E.M. + Arts) allows children to build a mini replica of the world’s first Solar-Powered electric car, called STELLA. In doing so, students learn about solar energy science, technology, engineering, design, form, and function.

Build story-based projects that inspire learning

What if...the sun powered cars?
STEAM (STEM + Arts) Project
Based on the true story of making STELLA, the world’s first solar-electric car
Students imagine then build their own mini STELLA 
The STEAM Team

This STEAM workshop is brought to the CYC by Fused Learning and it taught by Richard Tavener, Founder & CEO Fused Learning. Richard designs and produces educational content focused on the art of STEM through constructivist learning for young learners.

Richard is an Emmy®-award winning documentary filmmaker and Co-founder of Imagine It™, multimedia curriculum for teachers to integrate the process of creative and critical thinking in the classroom. Richard assembled a network of STEAM (STEM + Arts) education thought leaders including Blue Man Group, Pixar Animation Studios, MIT, Smithsonian, X-PRIZE Foundation, Lincoln Center Institute, Sally Ride Science, The National Academy of Engineering and Stanford University, among others. Richard’s experience includes developing public education content for the “My Virtual Dream,” an immersive learning experience that links neuroscience with creativity.

Students Learn:
❧ Solar Science & Energy
❧ Technology & Motor Engineering
❧ Design, Form & Function
❧ How ideas come to life
Students Get:
❧ ​Toolbox, Tools & Supplies
❧ Solar Car Kit, Motor, Solar Panel & Parts
❧ STEAM Curriculum & Trained Teachers
❧ ​Learning that inspires action

Think! Mindfulness Camp

Options: $25 per class | $110 for 5 days | $180 for 10 days

Schedule: TUESDAYS, 3:30pm - 4:30pm

"Think! Mindfulness" is a uniquely designed camp to introduce kids to their brain waves through FlowWave, a neuroscience program that connects kids with their meditative and creative mind.

Learning about their brain and mind helps children develop critical thinking skills and discover their creative potential. Think! Camp teaches your child how the brain works and where imagination comes from.

FlowWave helps your child learn how to calm, focus, and put their imagination into action. your child gets use of a NeuroSky headset, iPad, FlowWave software, mindfulness curriculum and Think! coach.

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Make an Animation Movie

$50 per student

Schedule: MONDAY, October 16, 2017, 10pm - 3pm

It's Staff Development Day at CUSD (Oct. 16th) so today is a great day to give your child a very unique creative learning experience!

AND the Carmel Film Festival will be in town soon. The STEM+Arts Lab is excited to present an opportunity for our community youth to make short Animation films and screen them at CYC for fun.

The story challenge: Make an animation about the future of transportation!

Once the student Animations are completed we're planning to showcase them in the STEM+Art Lab at CYC. We'll pop some popcorn, invite parents, friends and family and have our very own Animation Fun Festival!

Your child has the opportunity to Make an Animation Movie. One of the easiest to use, yet most powerful animation programs for kids, Animation-ish will have your child showcasing their animated creations in less than 1-hour. The software and the class are designed for kids with wide variety of drawing abilities, offering animation tools in such a way as to guide your child along from their first "wiggle-doodle" drawing up to a full cartoon.

More information about Animation-ish can be found at

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Animation Movie Registration

Adventures 2 Smarter World™

Flying Car Project

$150 per student

Schedule: MONDAY-FRIDAY, October 9-13, 2017 (CUSD Fall Break), 9:30am - 11:30am

This is a hands-on, brains-on creativity project that takes your child on an "Adventure 2 smarter world"

Here's the challenge: What is the future of transportation?

Students explore what the future of transportation could look like in their town; and in cities around the world, featuring Flying Cars!

Students learn Design Thinking & Creative Process:

Day 1
Brainstorm new ideas. Lots of them. Imagine what's next!
Select your idea. Focus it, refine it.

Day 2 & 3
Create your project anyway students like:
Write, Draw, Animate, Create a Storybook, Comic Book, Poem,

Day 4 & 5
All students will make a short video of the project they created.
Final step: Reflect on their creative process

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Adventures 2 Smarter World™

Solar Car Project

$150 per student

Schedule: MONDAY-FRIDAY, October 9-13, 2017 (CUSD Fall Break), 9:30am - 11:30am

Award Winning STEM+Art Class

Science-based, technology-driven, hands-on class where your child designs and builds a mini version of STELLA, the world's fastest solar-powered electric car using Fab@School Maker Studio software.

This project inspires your child to learn:

The Science of Solar Energy
Electrical Motors, Wiring & Soldering
Design Form & Aerodynamics
Special Tesla technology presentation

  • You child keeps toolbox, tools & supplies
  • Your child takes home their personalized mini Solar Car!

Instructor: Richard Tavener, Director, STEAM Lab @ CYC, STEM+Art Enrichment Instructor Tularcitos Elementary (CUSD), founder/CEO Fused Learning

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Make SmartART™

$80 per student

Schedule: FRIDAY, Jan 12, 2018 and MONDAY, Jan 15, 2018 , 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Make art smart? Yes! SmartART is artwork your child creates that can talk, sing, play music and make sound effects!

SmartART is a leading edge, highly interactive and wildly fun STEM+Art Camp. Featuring the Arduino TouchBoard and your child's imagination, this 2-session class your child learns about:

  • Arduino TouchBoard
  • Design Thinking & Process
  • Audio Recording
  • Develop and Create Electrical Circuits
  • Draw, Sketch and Paint

Includes TouchBoard, Art supplies & Materials.

Your child takes home their SmartART projects!

Note--You have the option (see below "Session Options") to purchase the TouchBoard Kit to take home following the class. TouchBoard Kit includes Arduino Board, speaker, alligator clips, electric paint, paint brush, stencils, how-to-use booklet--the complete TouchBoard Kit.

Instructor: Richard Tavener, Director, STEAM Lab @ CYC, STEM+Art Enrichment Instructor Tularcitos Elementary (CUSD), founder/CEO Fused Learning

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